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Windows 7 From a USB Stick

Have you ever wanted to run a real version of windows 7 from a usb stick on any computer no matter the location, with all your favorite games, applications and files? Now it's possible!
This is not bartpe/winpe/livecd or anything similar! This is the first real and full version of Windows 7
Ultimate which can be run on any computer from a usb/thumb drive ever created!
Installation is easy as 1. 2. 3.:

Requirements: 8GB or bigger high speed (at least 15 MB/s - otherwise Windows WILL be slow) usb drive

1. Make a backup of your thumb drive, it will be formatted during the installation.
Start "install or backup", press the small folder icon and select "7 usb edition by iMortaluz"
2. Choose the drive letter of your drive (you can find it in my computer)
3. Press write and wait. That's it, enjoy carrying a full copy of Win 7 Ultimate in your pocket!
You can back up or restore your new ultimate portable Windows 7 at any time using the "install or backup" tool.

Note: You will have to enable USB boot in the bios - [press F8, F9, F12 or ctrl + s during start up depending on your hardware, google is your friend!] Bare in mind that USB sticks are slower than disks and that performance may suffer.

[Optional:] If your drive is bigger than 8GB you may want to increase the size of the virtual system drive of your  new Windows in order to gain more disk space:

1) browse to your usb drive and move the 7USBEditionByiMortaluz.vhd somewhere else (e.g. desktop)
2) start VHDResizer.exe and select this file
3) press "save as" and browse to you usb drive again. Call the file 7USBEditionByiMortaluz [It won't work if you call it something else!] and press save
4) Choose the size depending on the size of your usb drive and press resize. Get yourself a cup of coffee, it's going to take long time.
5) When you boot your new portable windows for the first time - press start menu, type partition and hit enter.Right click 7USBEditionByiMortaluz and choose "extend volume". Keep pressing next.
Download part 1 Download part 2 Password 7zip click here

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